Maker Resources

My goal is to share only the best resources for school Maker activities. I am using Amazon Affiliate links so if a product catches your eye and you use the link I provide, I do get a kickback. However, it is my promise, I will only share the best resources as no companies are paying me to share their content or resources. I only share what I know works with my students. Click on any of the areas for more information.

Featured Maker Project

This project was a ton of fun. We started by grabbing a Raspberry Pi retro gaming kit. This came with two classic gaming controllers but we wanted to make our own. We were able to locate some USB joystick/button sets which we wired up into fancy cardboard boxes. However, we wanted to take it to the next level with a 3D printed controller box. As you can see in the pictures we had a number of issues with printing the bottom portion of the box and learned some lessons in ensuring our CR-10 printer's bed was level. Our final "one-up" was to install LED buttons that light up and just make it look cooler. Personally, I think the cardboard box controllers were the best. Once we had our controller working, we set up an arcade in the library for students and staff to battle out on classics like Donkey Kong and Pac Man.

The links below are for all of the elements within this product that we used.

LED buttons/joystick

RetroPie Gaming Kit

CR-10 3D Printer