Changing Minds One Book At A Time

Anyone who is paying attention to the world around us knows we have a problem with empathy and ignorance. Too many people are filled with hate fueled by this ignorance and lack of empathy. The tragedy in New Zealand is just the latest in a long list of violence and hatred specifically focused on Muslims. Hating a group of people because of how they worship is not new. History is full of examples and sadly, we will likely never rid the world of it. However, I want to try to do everything in my power to inform and educate my students.

I have said it many times before, but I think stories can help us gain perspective, understanding, and hopefully compassion for all humans. Personally, I don't think enough people read books with characters or authors who look, act, pray, or live differently than they do. It can be difficult to expose yourself to something you are unfamiliar with. Yet, that is the only way we can grow, learn, and develop empathy and understanding for all.

Below is a list of books with Muslim characters or Muslim authors...and some are both. Pick these up and help change some young minds, one book at a time. 🙂