For the Fun of It

Sometimes we do things in school for the fun of it, and that’s ok. That past two days in our library we had fun. The library was booked for a documentary project but the teacher had to bump it back due to all of the snow/cold days we had recently. As a result, I found myself with an empty library for two days. So, I just opened up the Makerspace all day and tossed out our Keva Planks, Knex, and Marble Runs.

The library was packed during all lunch periods and study halls with kids building all sorts of contraptions. However, the favorite things the kids always seem to want to do is build tall towers. There is something almost therapeutic about stacking Keva Planks to the ceiling and then knocking them down. Here are some clips from some big builds the past two days.

There is something about watching kids just have fun building with simple materials, that I find refreshing. It took me back to the days of my childhood playing Legos and Lincoln Logs with my brothers. On a more “real” note, one of the students who was playing in the Makerspace has a father who is on the local SWAT team. He was involved in the mass shooting that recently took place in our community which was incredibly stressful for their family. Her mother shared with me that just having time to play and have fun was exactly what her daughter needed with all the stress going on in her life.

*of all the materials and activities in our Makerspace, the Keva planks are by far the favorite

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