What’s Best For Kids

As teachers, we are constantly trying new things with and for our students. Teaching is an evolving craft that changes from day to day and even minute by minute. We are always looking for ways to make learning the best it can possibly be for our students. Sometimes that means stepping out of the box and trying something we’ve never done before. In some cases, what we are trying may get looked down on or even receive pushback from students, parents or even our colleagues.

One of the harder things we do as teachers is continuing down a path of change on behalf of our students when others try to hold us back. Lots of people try to bring us down when we try something new, so we have to stick with it for our students. At the end of the day, we answer to them and their learning outcomes. If you ever have to choose between doing what is good for students and what everyone else wants you to do, I hope you always choose your students.


Note: This image is from my soon to be released graphic novel for teachers titled Drawn to Teach.

Takeaway hold firm