I’m Going Streaking

I have decided not to make New Year’s Resolutions this year…no lists of fluffy feel good things that I will more than likely fail to live up to.  Instead, I am going streaking. Yes, you heard that correct. I am going streaking for the first time in my life. I just hope I can do Frank proud.
Specifically, I am going to attempt to start two different streaks on New Year’s Day. The first is a streak to run every single day for the year of 2012. This is certainly going to be a difficult challenge for me as I have battled a knee injury since my collegiate triple jumping career. I am choosing to do this for a couple of reasons. First, is actually because of my wife who has recently committed to a run streak and at the time of this posting is sitting at 37 consecutive days of running at least one mile. Many of her runs have been in the double digits for miles and she is inspiring me with her dedication. The second reason is for my own personal goal setting and physical growth. I am the type of person that needs a goal in order to motivate myself. In the past, I would run if I was training for a race or some sort of competition. Hopefully, by taking this challenge and making it public on my blog I will stick with it…feel free to drop me a line on twitter ( @stumpteacher ) to make sure I stay honest!
The second streak I hope to start is nothing new and nothing that many of my readers have not already done. It is the 365 photo-a-day project. My goal is to take a picture a day and post it on my posterous site. I will be travelling a great deal as the Illinois Teacher of the Year in 2012, so I hope to share some of my travels and have a snap shot of my year.
So, maybe these two streaks are actually resolutions and I am just another hypocrite…but oh well. I am going to try to stick with these two things for as long as I can. What streaks do you want to start this year? Watch an episode of Seinfeld every day? Give a family member a hug every day? Take a walk every day? Take time to read every day?
In thinking about my two impending streaks, I am brainstorming how to bring this idea to my classroom. How can I incorporate streaks with my students? What streaks can I start with them? How can I help them create yearly challenges and then support them? 

2 thoughts on “I’m Going Streaking”

  1. Good luck with your streaks. I'll be rooting for you. A streak with your class can be fun and inspiring. Maybe you could give them a mini-interest inventory as a way to get them thinking about their interests. That could be used to form similiar type groups as a network of support. Ideas: Reading for pleasure, playing their musical instrument, an act of kindness, Saying good morning, telling a joke, having a peace day. Could be anything. Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

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